Play Casino Online And Enjoy A Total Knock Out Over Your Opponent

Should I start by telling you why I have used ‘Knock Out’? Well, first, let us see what poker is and how to play casino online? And I am sure till you finish reading this, you would be up with the answer to why I have used ‘Knock Out’! 

Pre-requisite for the poker

Well, it is a family of various slot online card games. Yes, you heard it right. It is a game! A game that combines gambling along with a person’s strategy and skill. Its history dates to the 19th century in the United States. Okay, neither I am a history teacher nor a sports teacher; I am just a writer. So, don’t worry, I am not going to write anything about its history and rules. I know it would just lead to boredom, so let’s skip that part! 

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We all play cards. Maybe some of you don’t; that doesn’t matter much. The thing is, there is no harm in playing cards unless you include ‘betting’! Yes, it is not only the game that attracts people, but it is the betting that pulls people to this game. You people might be well aware of the Casinos! It is the place where people go to play one of the variants of Poker. Their people do ‘legal betting’. 

Two sides of the coin

Please don’t infer that I am against betting. It is your money or whatever things you bet for. It is just, and I don’t like people who have lost everything because they think playing this game will maintain their status in society. Okay, suppose it is their choice, but there are people (family, in most cases) who suffer because they have lost everything in this game. I have seen one of my friends who used to be very good at academics who suddenly stopped performing. He lost money in this Poker game, and he could not repay the amount to the concerned people. This is why he developed a fear of getting caught by family and terror of consequences he will have to face if he failed to repay.

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Another example which is quite famous, or rather I say is controversial, is the ‘Kurukshetra War’. Yes, the ‘Draupadi’ incident. I will not go very deep in the history, but it was the betting game of dices that resulted in a war. This is what betting is capable of? But still, it is there.

Play and win easily

So, this was the betting part of this game. If you ignore that part, this game is indeed cool. It tests your thinking capability to outshine your opponents. Some variants of this game test your memory. Overall, it will entertain you and also some variants could be played anywhere with friends and family.

That was all I wanted to write about this Poker game and how to play casino online. Yes, like everything, it has two sides. It all depends on the person what he chooses to. And hope you have got the answer! With this, I will finish this write up as my friends are waiting to play some game. Who knows, it might turn out to be, Poker!


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